Are We There Yet?

It’s been about a year since we fully swung into pandemic mode with lockdowns, disruptions and travel restrictions, and the countless changes to life as we knew it.

I fondly recall – and kind of miss – the early days of the pandemic. We were collectively confused, afraid and anxious, and it was okay. Holed up alone, we found ways to connect. With birthday parties on Zoom, games on House Party, cook-alongs and bake-alongs, we held each other up as we navigated through the rather strange times while waiting for it to be over. And slowly it seems, we realised this was not going to end as abruptly as it started. We were not going to wake up one morning to find that this episode is done. This was it. For a brief moment we seemed to think it’d become history when the clock struck 12 on Dec 31st.

But alas, this is life.

Life with Mass on TV instead of congregating im Church on Sundays; with Skype calls while webcams are securely concealed instead of sitting around a meeting room table; with pictures of food sent to friends in chat groups instead of bantering around a grill while struggling to get coals alive for a barbecue.

Now however, it appears we are on the verge of another phase. The vaccines are here! After going stir crazy for months on end, is this the end? Are the skies about to open up and allow us see new places again? Have we got to the end of being afraid of contracting the virus? Have you?

Do let me know if you’ve taken the shots yet, or are waiting to see if the early birds grow a third limb before you decide.

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6 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. To be honest, I don’t even know how I feel. I may have sunk deep into the lethargy and I’m now very comfortably (yet grudgingly) indifferent.
    Yes, I miss those early lockdown days and all you described. But there was also a lot of heartbreak then. Remember when we’d say “oh it will be over in 2 weeks/ next month/ before summer….”? Well, for self-preservation and so as to not run mad, I’ve paused my adventurous thoughts until I get the vaccine and I can safely dream again without fear of having my hopes crushed yet another time.

    • I can totally relate with everything you’ve said! However, I am soo ready to dream again. For a while I switched off and didn’t allow myself long for a trip, but it’s about time biko. Time to manifest an adventure abeg lool!

  2. We are about to turn this corner… but what lies ahead of the next turn is yet to be unravelled… Endless spins and turns u know…but as humans, the least or most – depending on the side of the divide you sit – we can do is to hope for better fortunes and beautiful planes to grow the seeds of adventure again

  3. I’m waiting to see who grows a horn o! But I miss travelling without having a white coat search for gold in my nostrils first.

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