Dominus Vobiscum

If you’re close to me, you might already know of this thing I do where I randomly choose to test my willpower through one challenge or the other. Sometimes it’s pretty easy – like opting to give up alcohol which I barely drank anyway for a period of 3 months (which has now become 3 years and counting); and other times it’s hard – like coffee. My dear darling coffee whom I can count on for bursts of energy, for focus, for elation, and to keep sleep away when the night needs to serve some other purpose unrelated to rest. I promise I am not a junkie.

Maybe I’m lying.

Lent is upon us now. It sounds like the perfect time to take on a challenge, and so I’ve decided I will give up refined sugar. 46 days with no chocolate cake, no ice cream, no cookies? Can’t help but ask myself if I’ve really thought this through. And now, while writing I suddenly feel the need to add yet another layer and DO something each day as well.

Makka Ho.

I recently came across an interesting article about a Japanese exercise routine consisting of a series of seemingly simple stretches touted to transform your body if done right. Brimming with confidence born of my days as a flexible child, I got into position to give it a try. Let’s just say ‘I get am before’ no be property.

In addition to giving up sugar, I hereby commit to doing the Makka Ho routine twice daily, for all of Lent. Amen.

For the record, while this coincides with the most sombre time on the church calendar, this is by no means my spiritual exercise for the period. In other words, no doctrines were flouted in the making of this post. I suspect that this would be my toughest abstinence challenge yet, so expect to hear a little (or a LOT) more about my struggle to keep at it.

What new challenge will you be taking on this period? Care to share? Do let me know, and may the Lord be with you while you’re at it.


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12 thoughts on “Dominus Vobiscum

  1. Since pounded yam has taken away all form of flexibility from me, makka Ho, isn’t possible; since diabetes has already forced me to severely cut back on carbs and sugar in any shape or form, my no refined sugar is for lifetime not just 46days . My challenge is not to use the internet from 6am to 6pm ( except for work purposes of course). No social media, Netflix, browsing etc. Amen somebody ☺️

    • No internet all day? I am already so proud of you for even trying! That’s one I am so sure I’d fail at. Go you!!! We should keep tabs on each other to make sure we stick to the plans. Good luck!

  2. Sounds like a plan ☺️ and Good luck to you too. I feel empowered already 💪.
    Although today I felt like a junky that had drugs on the table and was fighting the urge not to sniff some (sometimes my analogy scares me 🤣 but at least get my meaning)

    • I can totally relate. Looking at the snacks around the house, I kept asking myself why I didn’t eat them all up before the clock struck 12. We WILL do this!

  3. Interesting read. I’m taking on new challenges more than giving up something this period I think!
    I’m trying to read more, one of the things I’m adding on…

    • Ah that was something I tried last year. And I absolutely loved it! But I ended up joining the wrong book club; where all they wanted to read and talk about were boring biographies. Totally killed my vibe.

  4. Challenges are tough for me. I like what I like jare. But, I am trying new things like body and mind work outs and while it has been tough, I find that sleep isn’t restful when I don’t work out. Good luck out there!

    • Haha! I think it’s great that your body and mind have conspired to make sure you do the right thing LOL!

      (and please don’t ask me who is you, who is your body and who is your mind. That’s a conversation for some other day)

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