Get Moving!

It Was Tragic
You know those days when you just want to crawl into a crevice and hide away. When you’d rather stay in bed all day, eat junk food packed with sugar and salt and one million calories and take a bath at 6 pm. When the last thing you want to do is think one thought or raise a finger.

I certainly do, and today looks like one of them.

It really doesn’t help that all I see when I look out of the window are the clouds outside all dark and grey, and plumes of smoke lazily rising towards the sky. It certainly doesn’t help that the AC seems to be on steroids today, and my sweater, all nice and light, does a lot to make sure my blouse with one inch sleeves meets the office dress code but doesn’t do much to save me from the cold. This is the kinda day best spent doing absolutely nothing. At most, lying under a duvet watching YouTube videos and trolling Instagram.

But my tasks will not do themselves. My problems will not solve themselves. And dang! My bills sure as hell will not pay themselves. So I will snap out of lazy mode, get thinking, find a few ways to add some value today, and I will have fun doing it!


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One thought on “Get Moving!

  1. While I seem to be on coke and coffee, hyper day, wide-awake night. Thank God for those days when our activities solve life’s problems.

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