Go ahead… Live!

1:10 am. Sunday night/ Monday morning.

I should be asleep, but thanks to my sleeping pattern – or lack thereof – I’m not.

A montage showing Lewis Hamilton’s F1 victory just jolted me into the realization that I hardly ever invest emotion into anything with an outcome I am unsure of. If I loved a football club or a MotoGP team for example, each match or race I watch is another chance to go through a spectrum of feelings with no guarantee that the end will leave me on a high or low. It’s almost like a little piece of life.

I have always thought my life is pretty exciting, but right now I kinda wonder what I’ve missed out on.

Being in control is great, but maybe it’s time…

Just maybe.

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6 thoughts on “Go ahead… Live!

  1. Maybe it’s time my friend. Some of the beauty of life lies in our emotions (positive AND negative). Don’t hold back from feeling, go ahead and feel it all. Xx

  2. Live without holding back, always have an open mind don’t always try to determine the final outcome it might not allow you bask in the euphoria…….

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