Lessons Life Is Teaching Me

Live. Live life wholly. Fully. Unapologetically. Nothing is promised so why not?

Love. Love those who love you. Love them with your words. Your actions. Your substance. Pay no heed to those who do not. They do not exist to you.

You’re in debt. You owe the people you love your love. In real, practical terms. You owe them your time, your shoulder, your back. You’re indebted to yourself. You owe yourself your wholeness, your happiness, your forgiveness. You owe yourself a life lived on your own terms.

There are no rules. No conventions. No institutions. No customs. Those may exist, but why to you?

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2 thoughts on “Lessons Life Is Teaching Me

  1. Indeed Life lessons and a good read. It reflects the evolution of society. Once upon a time it took the village to train a child 🤔.
    In decades to come we continue to reflect the change our environment bring.

    • Yes, Nothing stays the same. Some may long for those days now, and will probably long for these days later. We’d see, while making the best of what we have.

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