There are five frogs sitting on a log. One frog decides to jump. How many frogs are left?


Because deciding is entirely different from doing.

Too often there’s a mismatch between what we want to be, and what we actually do. Think about it – you want to be multi-lingual. You want to speak French, German, Spanish and Arabic yet all you do is watch Africa Magic and listen to Wazobia FM. That sure will help with your accent.

You want to build an empire. You want to be a boss, but each day after toiling at your 9 – 5, you head back home to spend your life on Instagram, rather than draw up a business plan. It shall be well.

You want to be fit. You want to run a marathon. But that tub of ice cream needs some eating and the burger guy needs a reward for his labour. Gym what?

You want to be rich and all the things you’ve done so far haven’t brought the much anticipated wealth. But you stay where you are, changing nothing. Your helper is on the way.

You are much more than you think you are, and you can be all that you dream of.

The secret is easy: Believe, and put in the work!

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10 thoughts on “Mismatched

  1. Hmmm… I know a “decided” frog: ME! Beht why do I have to put in the work when you first assured that my helper is on the way ? Honestly, get up and go is easier said than done. However, them go getters don’t have 2 heads so why am I wasting my one head and one life?! I’ve seen you get up and go for quite a number of things though ?

  2. very true but not so easy to achieve. am so guilty of the first two, but hey! am working on changing that this year. its better late than never they say….

  3. Madam.. you are indirectly referring to urself here. You want to hammer.. you sing it all the time, yet my generous advise that we should start a blog page like Linda has been ignored despite volunteering to foot the bill for a percent stake. You are not ready… when you are, you know where to find me…

  4. Lol at trolling on IG.
    Soooo me!!!
    Fear and Lazinss— The archenemies
    Welcome to 2016, the year of doing it afraid!!!

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