My Weekend Miracle


Saturday night.

After a long day filled with chores, I was headed to the other side of town to visit family. Here I am driving alone, listening to The Economist and feeling funky when above the sound of the narrator’s voice, I hear a weird noise that is somewhat like the combination of hoots and whistles. Slightly alarmed, I lean in towards my dashboard – I’m not sure how that was supposed to help- to listen more carefully and after a few confused seconds, realize it’s coming from the trailer that’s beside me. Phew. A few minutes after, my relief is cut short when I glance at my dashboard and notice my heat gauge is at a disturbingly unfamiliar level and I realize with alarm: I didn’t top up my radiator water today!

A bit of background information: My car generally doesn’t give me wahala. Apart from routine servicing, I hardly have to go to the mechanic except when someone ‘jams’ me, which hasn’t happened in a long time to the glory of God. (Kindly note that I’m never at fault please. Thank you.) However, in the last few weeks, my radiator has been acting funny. I have to religiously pour a few litres of water every morning as it appears to dry out at a rate I can’t explain. With the car also sounding like it has a sore throat when I start it, I know it’s time to get it checked. However (contrary to what some of my friends think), I am a girl. We don’t like mechanics. So I’ve continued to quench its thirst every morning, and drive it around like that.

Tonight however, it looked like I was about to reap the fruits of my procrastination. Of all places in this entire world for my engine to start overheating was Apongbon. In traffic. At night. Lagos people will understand. The worst!

I calmly begin my game of move-stop-rest car-start again. Switching lanes here and there to avoid having any heavy duty vehicle being right behind me, I continue this while keeping my eyes peeled on the heat gauge, with the level almost getting all the way to the red end at some points! My goal is to get to Bonny Camp but the heating is not letting up. I begin to think of the time my two sisters got robbed on that road. I remember when another sister got threatened by a man with a gun in traffic when she refused to wind down to be robbed. I remember when my friend bargained with a thief there to take N5, 000 instead of her phone. Interestingly, still no panic. At the point where I’m wondering when and how I’d successfully make it to my destination, my phone rings. After initial chitchat, I tell my friend I’d have to call him back after I sort myself out. After telling him what the problem is, he asks me to turn on my car heater as it will help with dissipating the heat.

That was legit the voice of God. It worked like magic. With my window wound all the way up to avoid stories that touch, I commenced the sweaty drive into VI, where I decided to make a stop, shop for a bit while waiting for the engine to cool properly before I add water into the radiator, and continue my drive home. I could literally feel the heat on the eyeballs (which reminds me, avoid Hell!) At the end of the day, I learnt a few lessons: 1: NEVER FORGET TO CHECK YOUR WATER. 2: Don’t procrastinate (this seems to be a recurring theme) 3. Finally and most importantly, my God is still in the business of doing miracles. Cos that phone call was a major miracle. I would never have got the tip that most definitely saved my mind, saved my money and maybe more.

That being said, my birthday is this week 🙂 And so speaking of miracles, if you are led in your spirit to bless me with a car just because, please DO NOT RESIST. Allow God to use you. Feel free to go ahead and be an instrument of the Lord in my life. Thank you in advance.

*drops mic*



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6 thoughts on “My Weekend Miracle

  1. Turn on heater to unheat overheating..(file away in the life hacks portion of my brain). Major miracle o, car trouble at that Apongbon axis is the stuff of nightmares, just being in traffic there is trauma for me. All’s well that ends well, glad about the outcome.
    PS: yaa a tiff sha, one miracle is not enough for you, dey dia dey find motor.

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