New year, new me… or not :)

2015 was meant to be the ‘deliberate’ year. I started out by writing a long note in what was supposed to be my journal, detailing what I felt I needed to achieve, documenting my objectives to be whipped out to track my progress and ultimately appraise my performance as the year progressed.

I am a ‘faffer’ by default, and at the start of the year I finally decided to change things. Fuelled by feelings of underachievement, I decided to act on what I have always known – that if I actually made an effort and applied myself rather than just chill, lay back and laugh everything off, I will be a much better person. It was supposed to be the year I stepped away from my usual, and purposefully took steps towards becoming better. It was meant to be a different year. It was all meant to be intentional.

But was it?

Old habits die hard.

Even though I know I should take a look at my goals again, I keep putting that off. And even though I keep putting it off, they’re loud and clear in my head.

I still don’t read my Bible every day. I still (almost) involuntarily swear under my breath too often. I still started all those ‘projects’ that I never finished. I still haven’t read all those books and journals. I still haven’t built those relationships and networks. I still don’t have those extra lines and extra numbers. I still speak only English.

But really, who cares? Life is so much easier when you laugh it all off. Nothing is ever so serious. No one should be taken too seriously. I may not have ticked all the boxes, but I look back at the year with tons of gratitude. So so many reasons to be thankful. 2016 is right around the corner, and quite frankly, I haven’t decided yet whether to pen down any goals. I know it sounds stupid, but right now I feel like there’s no need for the pressure. I’d stick with last year’s, try to tick them off, and include any new lines as I go along.

Right now all that matters is focusing on all that there is to be grateful for. And there is a whole lot. Family, friends, life and all its blessings…

And you have those too. In spite of however the year may have turned out, even if you’re not where you thought you’d be, all you need to do to find reasons to be happy is look around you. Don’t over-think anything. Just laugh! Stay grateful for your blessings, and here’s to more happiness (and more posts here) in 2016.



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2 thoughts on “New year, new me… or not :)

  1. Yearly resolutions are always epic in substance yet the type that is approached most lazily. I guess it’s to because of the length of time required to fulfil it. Those ‘big’ goals are better when they are taken down in bits: monthly objectives and daily resolutions. Accomplishing any set of objectives will likely be discouraging if there are too many items on the list. Better to have a trim checklist that are achievable than to think oneself to be ‘Superman’ or ‘Wonderwoman’ and end up with little or nothing to account for.
    It’ll also be great to have some sequence to the objectives: which should come first, then what follows and so forth till the extent one’s power can carry… I’m sure with that our resolutions will not be the laughable New Year Resolutions that the was described as ‘a to-do list that is only followed for the first week of the year’.

  2. “Swear under my breath too often” should be my middle name! It’s been a minute babe; was wondering when we’ll get a new post. Quite thankful for the year thus far. God bless us everyone.

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