Of Dreams and Drinks

Who else finds it really interesting when in the middle of the day, you randomly recall a dream you had? That was me when a text conversation about drinks in real life triggered my memory of my dream the night before and had me exclaiming excitedly with my ‘AAHH’ breaking the silence in the quiet pool office at work.

I dreamt I was in Paris. I had two companions – I don’t recall who they were, and we were in a lovely living room, drinking wine. The wine was particularly good, and we tried to make a video while clinking glasses.

Now I’m wondering: why am I dreaming about wine? For context, I haven’t had a drink in years. I’ve never found alcohol particularly enjoyable so from being a social drinker, I moved to the point where I decided to just abandon it all together. Now it is showing up in my dreams. Is this a sign?

Now open to collaborations of the drinking-good-wine-in-fancy-places-in-Paris type. Enquire via email.

…or not jare. *sips green tea*

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