On Pain

Yesterday evening seems like a blur.

I had skipped lunch, and so opted to make myself a lovely dinner. The kind of evening I was going to have was clear in my mind – a quiet one with me huddled on the couch, in my living room which I’d have made too cold, all by myself with no one to get in the way of my thoughts as I allow my mind wander after a delicious plate of seafood pasta and a glass of wine.

Cooking done, dinner had, everything was going according to plan and then it begun…

It started as a dull ache in my tummy, and before long I was in pain all the way to the soles of my feet. I hope I never find out how 10/10 pain is, but it sure felt like it. Lying in the floor with my feet elevated gave little relief. Before long I was puking out everything in my bowels, while intermittently ‘cleansing my colon’. I was going from having my face over a place it has no business being, to replacing my face with my bum, to lying on the bathroom floor and back again.

By the time this had gone on for a short while, I began to feel faint. I staggered to the front door and unlocked it so that if I passed out, help will have easy access to me lol.

Now here’s the interesting part. At some point, my body had enough and went to sleep. I don’t even recall when that happened. Have to say I’m surprised I woke up on my bed rather than the floor. This morning I feel as good as new, with the added bonus of feeling really light – no detox needed! My first thought when I woke up was “what exactly happened last night?”, and until I started to write this the details of how bad I felt were but a distant blur.

Often times we have pretty plans all laid out, like my quiet, introspective Friday night, and then fate goes “Just whollup!” Here’s wishing that painful patches, if any, in this journey called life are over so quickly that we look back and can barely remember if they really happened.

Here’s hoping we heal right away and are better off for the lessons that they teach. Or at least we get free detoxes.


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4 thoughts on “On Pain

  1. Glad your village people didn’t have the last laugh. It’s strange you didn’t call for help in the state you were.

    • Michael!!! Excited to ‘see’ you here!
      I did call a friend who also had no painkillers, but this was before I felt like I really needed help. At the worst of it, I could barely get my phone 🙁 I’m calling you now 🙂

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