Still On The Power/ Fuel Matter…


It’s been a few weeks of fuel scarcity, and although the strikes that created the situation have been called off, the hardship remains. After getting down to my last few litres the other day, my hope and faith paid off, and I got replenishment for which I was very glad, especially for the much needed generator petrol. One more night without power and I would have been taking notes from that KFC Braamfontein guy on how to dispose of raw chicken!

Right now, however, I’m out of Hope Zone, and smack dab in Frustration Zone. I’m really sick of worrying about how I’d get my next jerry can of fuel, and PHCN just won’t ‘bring light’. All of this really is tiring. I’m even tired of hearing myself complain about all the things that are cause for concern. I’m tired of driving everywhere with jerry cans in my boot, so that I can grab any buying opportunity I get while on the move.

This is not the life, Nigeria. Something has to give. I’d keep my fingers crossed, while I struggle to cling onto hope.

How’s the situation playing out in your neighborhood and how are you coping? Is PHCN being good to you? Are there filling stations close to you without queues, or are our black market brothers having the time of their lives and knocking a few engines while they’re at it? Pray, tell.

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