We Will Survive!

No more black outs
It’s been a nice sunny Sunday – as usual. The day is nice and breezy – hallelujah! There’s no ‘light’ – as usual. The weather is being cooperative – hallelujah!

In summary, it’s not the best of times, but I have to say this breeze blowing through my open window is a major reason to be thankful. I mean, just think of what the alternative could be.

Too many days have passed since I saw that little green bulb light up – the bulb that tells me awon NEPA people have flicked my switch. I have no idea how they ‘take light’, but I’ve always imagined one fake guy sitting in front of a funky switchboard with an array of switches, leisurely deciding who needs some darkness in their lives. All he’d need to do is press one, and just like that a whole neighbourhood is thrown into darkness, or ecstatically screaming ‘UP NEPA!’ He’d prolly be eating cashew nuts out of a bottle. Or maybe bread, groundnuts and coke in the middle of the night. Maybe once in a while, his little kid will come pay Daddy a visit at work, and get the privilege of choosing who should go without power for the few minutes kiddo is in charge. I don’t even want to know how it really works. I’d stick to my imagination, thank you.

So back to my gist, there hasn’t power for a few days but that’s not the meat of the matter. As with almost everyone in these parts, that’s the usual and a generator is the dependable alternative. However, since the generator won’t run on water, juice, spit or ribena, I just might have a real problem.


You know stuff has got real when you start to ration the amount of fuel you put in the gen tank each night, to ensure that if by any chance sleep rudely comes calling before you get to turn it off, you’re hedged against fuel bankruptcy. If you’ve never been hit with pain and heartache right after waking up in the morning to realize your fuel has finished all because you foolishly slept off, then you do not know the struggle my friend. All I can say is it hurts.

My fuel is in its twilight days. And apparently so is MTN’ going by the press release making the rounds. I guess I can safely assume other telcos are in the same shoes. Now picture how bad this could get. It’s one thing to have dark rooms. Worst case, I’d light a scented candle. It’s another to be stuck at home. For a fee (albeit higher than usual), a taxi will take me wherever. But when, God forbid, I can’t make a call or connect to the internet, ha! That is when I will have a real problem. I probably should be looking inwards and asking myself how I got to this point that I have to be online to be complete, but that’s not the issue here. The question is how did we get to this point that it appears the country is about to grind to a halt? The radio stations have started to cut down working hours. What happens when the banks do to and ATMs can’t stay on? How about the stores? Ever been in Park n Shop when the lights go out?

Dear Nigeria, you really do have to pick a struggle. If there won’t be fuel, biko let there be power. If there won’t be power, let there be fuel. Both are not mutually exclusive, but each time I start to feel positive about PHCN, I remember the picture posted up. Looking forward, I have a nagging feeling that without a doubt, this fuel issue will be resolved this week. I don’t expect the powers that be to sit back and watch the entire nation shut down. For that reason, I’m not yet in panic mode even though all I have left by way of generator supplies is about 5 litres of petrol. Oh well, like we say in these parts, God dey. E go better 🙂

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4 thoughts on “We Will Survive!

  1. Seems e don dey better: I got 2 hours of power yesterday (Tuesday) after the 1 hour 5 mins on Sunday and less than 30 mins on Saturday. Today has been spectacularly beautiful, it has gone on and off like 4 times and is on right now.

  2. LOOL! I’m laughing at your comment, but I kinda feel I ought to cry about it. You’re the second person I’ve heard today thanking God for two hours of power! The miracle seems to be going around cos it appears ‘they’ remembered us at some point yesterday too – going by the frost I saw in the freezer when I got back home. One day, one day…

  3. My 7-year old asked when I was going to switch ‘NEPA’ off and put on the generator. I could see it really disorientated her to have noiseless power for more than two hours.
    Should we be allowed to have children if we run a country so disgracefully? !
    PS:My diesel generator ws installed when she was one day old..

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